Continued Learning

Continued Learning#

Developing skills as an investigator and analyst is an ongoing process. Below are some resources to help you level-up your game.
A software engineering community based on resilience engineering, incident analysis and sharing of experiences. sharing of experiences. The blog posts are updated regularly.

Etsy’s Debriefing Facilitation Guide
A comprehensive guide for facilitators developed by John Allspaw.

Two Views on Human Error
Dr. Johan Bergstrom from Lund University discusses two views about human performance and error common in safety sciences today.

The Three Traps in Accident Investigation
Dr. Johan Bergstrom from Lund University describes how investigators can misrepresent what really happened during an incident.

Resilience Engineering Repo
A well-curated repository of papers and talks associated with resilience engineering.

The introductory guide is a good place to start.

How Complex Systems Fail

The Error of Counting “Errors”

Laura Nolan’s Incident Review Catalog